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Model agencies when reviewing a potential model for their books will use simple photographic snapshots of models in swimwear or underwear to gain an appreciation of their natural body shape, form and beauty without makeup or any photo manipulation. 
The general term for these snapshots is Polaroids as this stems from the days of film photography. Polaroids were a quick and easy method to get a raw photograph of the model. These days digital camera's do the job just as well but the name remains.
It's important to keep Polaroids and portfolio's inline with a model's current look to avoid who turns up on set not being what was expected and potentially being sent home. At the Coach House Studio we can offer aspiring models a starter portfolio and current models a portfolio update which is useful if a model has had time away from the industry, has had a significant change of look or needs reference images in a particular genre that they haven't worked in but wish to, this helps the booker to see the potential.
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With a studio based in south Birmingham we offer a friendly and professional studio and location based photography service covering contemporary studio portraiture and boudoir, corporate events, weddings and studio hire.

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